This is real medicine

Today we took a bold step. We have two consultants from Leeds hospitals with us. We asked them to go into our clinics without us and each sit with a nurse and observe what was happening. I say it was bold because we asked them to report back honestly about what they saw and experienced. So when they reported back we were anxious to say the least.

Their opening words were …this is real medicine…they said that it was an impressive operation and that it was clear that the trust was making a real difference. More praise came for the knowledge and expertise of our two nurses and analyst.

From the opposite side the medical team said they had learnt a lot from the Leeds and would be taking on a number of recommendations. Both sides have requested another opportunity to work together and that’s booked. This is just the start of what we hope will be a really string partnership and a number of good ideas have merged for preventing disease and treating it differently.

Later the medical consultants accompanied our patients to the cerebral palsy centre in ukunda. Again they were delighted with the work being undertaken and shared their expert knowledge . There was real encouragement for one parent after she was told by our leeds team that there was every chance her son may walk in the future.

We are so hopeful that this first visit by the team will result in a long term and growing relationship which will support our medical operation and strengthen the link between Leeds and Funzi. The first step will be a campaign to reduce the number of cholera cases in 2014.


About funzibodo

The Funzi and Bodo Trust (FAB) exist to try and change things for the better. Working with local people we are creating the conditions for a better environment where people can reach their true potential and where at least the basics of life are available affording a decent quality of life for all.
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