Blog One – Flooding – Ashley’s Latest Trip

We have had heavy rain for the past few days.

So bad that we had to turn the boat around and return to Funzi yesterday. The boat was inches deep in rain water within minutes of leaving the shore and we were dripping wet. It made us realise what it must have been like in March when Bodo suffered terrible flooding. Causing a number of houses to collapse – leaving some of the poorest families homeless. Not far from here a major bridge was also washed away . Normally the river beneath is just a trickle. Yesterday we saw the collapsed homes for the first time. The site of one had nothing more than a few sticks , a pile of mud and some roofing tiles left on it.

We met Salma who had lived there. A single parent with six children from tiny tots up to a twenty year old. Before the rains life for her was hard and she struggled to feed her children. After the rains she despaired – not knowing what to do. Neighbours took the family in and since then they have lived in cramped conditions in a neighboring mud hut. Salma told me that she is now happy.

As she picked through the remains of her former home she said that the Funzi and Bodo trust had given her fresh hope of a future. Nearby a wood structure is going up. Her new home. The materials paid for by the Trust. Local people will help her build it in a big community effort. Mud and clay will be collected from the nearby river and stones from a small quarry of coral blocks.

Salma is looking forward to moving into her new home . Two bedrooms and a sitting area. The trust is providing bedding and food for the whole family while the building takes place. To our eyes the house may look like nothing. To salma its home and a place of hope for the future. She smiled broadly as she thanked the trust for what it had done for her and the answer to a crisis – an answer she thought would never come.

About funzibodo

The Funzi and Bodo Trust (FAB) exist to try and change things for the better. Working with local people we are creating the conditions for a better environment where people can reach their true potential and where at least the basics of life are available affording a decent quality of life for all.
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