Update on the cancer lady

The lady with advancing and terminal breast cancer has a cocktail of daily drugs to help control the pain. Her sisters met us on the roadside to receive them. It seemed a little strange because the circumstances are so grim and yet they were full of smiles. Of course, it was joy that she was being helped, that in bleak circumstances there was care and that she was being valued in the last days of her life. There is hardly a family in the country who hasn’t lost someone or knows someone who has gone through the blight of cancer. So I know people reading this will understand how important this aid is. Especially when your home is a broken bed in a tiny and dirty room with no floor. But she is certainly surrounded by people who love her but who share her pain in their feeling of helplessness. We have a new challenge today. She now needs a nurse to inject her morning and night and to change her bandages and treat her wounds. This is more expense on top of costly medicines. It will be about one pound fifty a day. We have had a quick meeting this morning and have decided that we have to find the money and have gone ahead and instructed a nurse. It’s an indication of how little people have here that a women who is desperately sick and in great pain could be left that way because there is no money to find one pound fifty each day. How many of us will buy a Starbucks or Costa Coffee today without thinking . What a contrast in life choices and opportunities! Anyway, we can feel happy that her final days will be better than they might have been had we not been in Kenya. The boy with the serious liver condition who we rescued from a beach is still in hospital and receiving regular blood transfusions. Once all investigations have been completed we will have a diagnosis and we will fund whatever treatment he needs. This is one young man who would probabaly have died at the age of twenty had we not intervened. Later today we receive all the final pieces of equipment to open our birthing centre. It will see an end to women giving birth onto mud floors and they will instead have a qualified nurse and assistant with them and full access to all the things you might find in any delivery room. We will also be leaving having delivered to Funzi school two full sets of teaching books to cover the whole curriculum (there wasn’t one in the whole school !) and by Friday we hope to be signing the contract to build a new kindergarten, cook house, store and infants toilets, This may be my last blog before returning. I have enjoyed sharing it with you all. Please do circulate to others. I have some interesting responses and have enjoyed reading them. One from someone who was quite sick told me how it had given him a new perspective on his own health and health care. Another sent a generous donation which we are using to help the cancer patient. Others sent really encouraging words which have been wonderful to read If you haven’t seen the earlier blogs I wrote then go to http://www.funzi.org.uk and click on blogs and they are all there


About funzibodo

The Funzi and Bodo Trust (FAB) exist to try and change things for the better. Working with local people we are creating the conditions for a better environment where people can reach their true potential and where at least the basics of life are available affording a decent quality of life for all.
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