Latest News – November

Friday 26 November 2010

A line of women with sick chidren were waiting for me this morning- all asking for help. These Bodo women have no other way of getting medical assistance for their youngsters and are desperate. One was a small baby which had broken its leg. The family had raised the money to have a pin put into it- but now couldn’t afford to have it taken out. So the hospital was doing nothing until the money could be found.

Another child was struggling to breathe and had throat problems . His record book said further investigation was needed but as there were no funds no more could be done. We are now arranging for five families and a couple of elderly people to be talken to hospital for further investigation.

Our plans for building a high school at Bodo to cater for those children (the majority) who cannot afford to go beyond primary level appear to have difficulties. The official rules are based on how many other schools are within a certain vicinity of the proposed site. On that basis we are stopped from going ahead . But these rules take no account of whether the children in that catchment area can afford to pay the fees at the other schjools – about 90 per cent of the children here are in that position. The senior education officer sent me a personal message of congratulation for the work the charity has done building Bodo and Funzi promary schools which she described as work well done. So this is doubly frustrating

But this isnt the end of the story because we could look at another type of school which teaches practical skills which lead to employment and which would not be governed by this rule. One where children can become skilled arisans .. So we start work on investigating that now. Our two volunteers, John and Anne, from Wales will pick thos up as they are here for nearly three months.

Meanwhile John is working hard on the detail of how to get the computer and resource centre up and running . Anne is taking on care responsibilities for a sick child and getting another parient to regular hospital appointments. They are going to be a huge asset to our work. Tomorrow we have another long list of work to do.


About funzibodo

The Funzi and Bodo Trust (FAB) exist to try and change things for the better. Working with local people we are creating the conditions for a better environment where people can reach their true potential and where at least the basics of life are available affording a decent quality of life for all.
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