Hello Everyone and good luck to the walkers doing the three peaks challenge for Funzi tomorrow!

We had a really good meeting at the site of the schoolbuild today You wouldn’t beleive how little is left of the school now. At one point a goup of men just put their weight against a gable end of a building and pushed. The whole thing came down in one mighty crash. Meanwhle ther workers are building walls and making vent bricks. The school committee toured the site with Collins the developer and discussed where things would be located . The chairman of the school in Bodo seems excellent and is a real “can do” type and handles the others so well. We looked at he possible site for two classrooms where we could conduct secondary education as well as discussing current plans.. It was at this point something very interesting happened. We were told by the Chairman that if we could raise the money for four classrooms, a lab and an admin block we could start a secondary school properly ! He says they can get the teachers through the authorities and by parents making small contribuitions and using recently qualified teachers who have to work and will take positions on this basis to get their careers started. We could addto ths with volunteer teachers from he UK. We could do the building in phases if necessary but we were already looking at the potetial for two classrooms so this feels a real posibility. They also agreed it coud be a high school for both villages. So Sara and I really felt that this morning we got a real vision for the future and maybe one achievable in the near distance too.

I know we have a big project here to complete but with the support of our two business partners and the fundraising we can feel optimistic.

We also visited the tailor today to see his leg wounds and what progress there is a year since we paid for his major operation.It was amazing to find him working again at his machine and so happy. He still needs medical attention as his tendons are too tight and he may need anoher operation but the family was full of joy at what had happened. I kinow you are walking for Idris and we saw him today. His Mum is still not allowed into society since Idris’ Dad’s death from the cholera but she was there as Idris had a temperature and needed to go to hospital. We gave her some money to help out. He stil needs proper attention for his legs and I will see what is needed. We also saw the girl who couldn’t walk along with her Mum. We are getting a doctor out tomorow to try and decide what to do next. On Monday the Kwale eye clinic comes to Bodo and we will be paying for reading glasss.

So as you all walk and raise funds I hope you feel really encouraged and that you can see the potential being created by all your hard work and support.


About funzibodo

The Funzi and Bodo Trust (FAB) exist to try and change things for the better. Working with local people we are creating the conditions for a better environment where people can reach their true potential and where at least the basics of life are available affording a decent quality of life for all.
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